electronic medical self-check questionnaire and disease symptom analysis platform
Data sent to the system via a multi-system application are analyzed by consultants. The system presents alerts resulting from the operation of advanced algorithms that analyze the quality and intensity of symptoms.
In the event of determination of high-risk state, exceeding the established alarm thresholds, the medical consultant contacts the monitored person directly to conduct an interview and issue further instructions.
The telemedicine platform, including the in-app self-check questionnaire, can be customized to handle any medical problem or disease.
Communication is two-way and the application user can also send information to a medical consultant (doctor) in the event of unclear symptoms or doubts related to their health condition using a special form in the application or by telephone.
Sending information about the patient’s current health condition (data is saved on the patient's card – medical documentation is created)
Full history of all measurements and data, manual entry of records (description) by doctors (in case of contact with a patient)
Observation and tracking of trends in measurement data (graphs).
Sending information about the patient’s current health condition (data is saved on the patient's card – medical documentation is created)
Case study

The telemedical platform, including the in-app self-monitoring survey, can be customized for most diseases entities. The first implementations were related to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and versions supporting the diagnosis of patients with cardiovascular problems are currently under development. It can serve as a tool for initial diagnosis and segregation (triage tool).


The  SYGMO for COVID-19  telemedicine platform is based on a mobile application that can be used by an employee (patient) to fills in a self-check questionnaire and on an advanced Data Analysis Center system. The data sent to the system by means of the mobile application are analyzed by the consulting physicians. The system itself generates alerts based on advanced algorithms for presentation of the results of symptom analysis.


The  SYGMO post COVID-19  telemedical platform with patient surveys to support diagnosis and multispecialty care after COVID-19 developed by experts in multiple medical fields.

Our Team

The success of our project is a result of combining the expertise of medical, IT and patient education experts. An interdisciplinary team is constantly working to develop the SYGMO concept using the capabilities of smart technology.

The casusBTL Group is responsible for the commercialization of the solution.

Adrian Szulczyński
CEO Grupa casusBTL, Enterna Medica
Paweł Krzesiński, MD PhD, Associate Professor
Head of Department of Cardiology and Internal Diseases
Military Institute of Medicine
Piotr Murawski, PhD
Head of ICT Department, Military Institute of Medicine
Zbigniew Karalus MD PhD, Professor of Medicine,
Head of Department of Cardiology Congenital Heart Diseases and Electrotherapy, Department of Cardiology, Member of the Board Enterna Medica
Piotr Chojan
Educational & Telemedicine Project Manager, Grupa casusBTL
Pawel Bernadowski
Head of ICT Department, Grupa casusBTL
Versions in concept
& software development
SYGMO for cardiac patients
SYGMO for palliative care
SYGMO for wound care

The functions of the project and technology  have been developed together with experts from the Military Institute od Medicine and a team of medical specialists from many fields of medicine.

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